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  • 24 7 sleep exhibition

    24/7 explores the non-stop nature of our lives – a world in which we are sleeping less; where complex systems exert control over us and the pull of the screen disrupts our instincts to daydream and pay attention to the world around us, and each other.

    Somerset House exhibition 24/7 catalogue 
  • Beano - The Art of breaking the rules

    Step into the pages of the comic and take a trip into Beanotown to explore how this beloved icon of British comics has fired up successive generations to break the rules, while discovering artists who push boundaries in their own original and wonderful ways.

    Somerset House exhibition, Beano Exclusive Comic 
  • The Horror Show!

    The tale of Modern Britain in 3 acts: Monster, Ghost and Witch and features expanded essays by John Doran, Nathalie Olah and Patricia MacCormack.

    Exquisitely designed by Barnbrook and edited by Faye Dowling, a 128page book accompanies the show and can be combined with your ticket.

    Somerset House exhibition, The Horror show! book 
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