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Wildwood Tarot

Wildwood Tarot

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The Wildwood Tarot draws inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology and a belief system steeped in shamanic wisdom and forest lore. Based on the seasonal rhythm and festivals of the ancient year, the tarot looks to connect long-lost worlds with the present to aid in making sense of our own. 

Enter the Wildwood and you will experience a world of myth and nature, a place of great simpilicity and deep understanding. To walk among the age-old trees is to journey back in time when we were different and our relationship with ancestral knowledge was as natural as breathing.

These full sized Tarot cards comprise of 160 page booklet and 78 individual cards, designed to help explain and clarify our confusing modern world. 


Mark Ryan has enjoyed an eclectic entertainment career, working in international film, television and theatre for forty years, including the cult classic Robin of SherwoodBlack Sails and the hugely successful Transformers film franchise with Michael Bay. Also an accomplished author, he was one of the original creators of the groundbreaking Greenwood Tarot.

John Matthews has written nearly 150 books over the last 40 years or so. The topics have been varied: Pirates, King Arthur and the Grail Quest, Faeries, Robin Hood,Spring-Heeled Jack, and many more. He also recently began writing for movies and TV, creating documentaries, TV scripts and motion pictures. John has created 13 divinatory systems, tarots etc and has worked with some of the finest artists in the world, including Brian Froud, Charles Vess, Will Worthington, Andre Aste and Wil Kinghan. John frequently collaborates with his partner Caitlin Matthews.

Will Worthington is a practising Druid, Pendragon of the Order, and a highly respected artist, whose previous works include the acclaimed Druid Animal Oracle and The Green Man Tree Oracle.

Dimensions: 15.24 x 3.18 x 20.32 cm 


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