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* Rebel Heart Tarot

* Rebel Heart Tarot

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**  Exclusive to Somerset House  **
and launched on 9 December at The Horror Shop!

Unlike traditional or stereotyped Tarot usage, Rebel Heart are not here to predict anything about the future. That very purposeful unknown, should remain unknown, your job, is to navigate the twists and turns of life from a place of internal growth and with a determined focus on each moment. Nor are Rebel Heart peppered with clichéd platitudes or warnings around your behaviours that dilute the strength of the message. Every card is a reading in itself, gifting empowerment to continue onwards or guidance to shift past tricky times. There is no apology or minimising of any of the messages, there is no staying small. The stories told by the images and words are bold without exception. They dare you to live audaciously, no filter, no backtracking, no second guessing or half measures, just you in all your guts and glory.


Rebel Heart Tarot are a mirror to your life, your unexamined parts and in time, with practice, they will connect with your intuitive inner space and remind you of things you already know, but had ignored, forgotten or disregarded. This wisdom is innate, call it psychic, call it gut, call it intuition, Rebel Heart Tarot evokes your spiritual potency. Any goal you have right now is a path to be walked, your path will evoke a thousand other things, and Rebel Heart are a tool with which to plot your steps and decipher your reactions.

Drawn by Niki Cotton and witten by Alice Grist the deck is a beautiful contemporary rendition of a tradition trope. Oscillating between Pop americana and 90's British punk references these cards are both a reading in themselves and an aesthetic marvel. 


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