Hilarious Consequences ~ Babak Ganjei


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Softbound148mm x210mm

First Graphic Novel about a man worrying he's going bald, struggling to keep his relationship together and agreeing to play a gig in a toilet. 



"Babak Ganjei plays in a band, has a young son and writes a comic about a guy called Babak, who plays in a band and has a young son and is writing a comic book.

Hilarious Consequences is the result. The absurdities of life in the ridiculous metropolis: the herbalist medicine men, the postmodernist fancy dress parties, the bands signing deals with pharmaceuticals companies, the blind followers of the cult of originality and the coke-fuelled conversations about cooking.

Chapter by chapter, this book captures the inanities of life as our hero muses on hair loss, the creative process, fatherhood and getting the sneaking feeling that everyone around you is getting younger, more talented and more successful.

The book comes as a beautifully drawn 104 page softbound limited edition including CD soundtrack featuring: Dignan Porch, Singing Adams, The Bronsteins, Macks Faulkron, Wonderswan, Round Ron Virgin, Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards, Cheatahs, Big Deal, Wet Paint, and Matthew C H Tong."

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