Friendly Door Snake by D. Shrigley

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This cheerful, floor hugging serpent can be used as a door snake, toy or low maintenance pet. Based on an original work in David Shrigley's Weak Messages Create Bad Situations book, this corduroy adaptation features a rattle in the foot.

85cm long 

- Corduroy available in three colours: pink, blue and orange
- Rattle in foot of snake with artist signature embroidered
- 85cm long (33.40")

About the Artist
David Shrigley is known for his drawings, publications and sculptural works featuring the kind of throwaway beauty that spotlights aliens, idiots, monster children and bad parents. Since first collaborating with Third Drawer Down Studio in 2007, Shrigley's works have remained a favourite for their humorous angst and cynicism about the disappointments of everyday life.

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