24/7 Exhibition Catalogue


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24/7 explores the non-stop nature of our lives – a world in which we are sleeping less; where complex systems exert control over us and the pull of the screen disrupts our instincts to daydream and pay attention to the world around us, and each other.

Published to accompany the exhibition, featuring new essays by celebrated novelist and artist Douglas Coupland; art critic and essayist Jonathan Crary; architecture and media theorist Malcolm McCullough; philosopher of technology Dominic Smith, with a foreword from exhibition curators Sarah Cook and Jonathan Reekie. Also included are excerpts from key texts that address the tangled relationship between technology and time by Matthew Fuller, Esther Leslie, Sukhdev Sandhu, and Sarah Sharma. Illustrations of works from the exhibition are presented along with short interviews with artists from Somerset House Studios.

This product is available in the 24/7 exhibition shop and can also be purchased in conjunction with an exhibition ticket.

Product photography courtesy of ADSHOT, members of the Somerset House resident community.

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