ZWITSCHERBOX - Bird Box Sound Machine - Natural

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As simple as it is ingenious, the crisp white Zwitscherbox is designed to relax and bring a sense of calm to our hectic lives. Zwitscher is German for tweeting and chirping, and that's exactly what this clever little box does. The sleek piece of design has a motion sensor that will set off gentle birdsong when it senses movement. When you enter the room it will play for two minutes and then gently subside. Perfect for the bathroom, bedroom or hallway. Listen to the Zwitscherbox and dive into the depths of the Black Forest...

Size: Width 11 x height 14.5 x depth 3.5 cm

Note: The Zwitscherbox has adjustable volume and can also be turned off completely. The motion sensor covers a range up to 4 ft. It does not work in twilight or darkness. 3 x standard AA batteries are included.

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