Lumie Bedbug - table light and night light


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Sleep-Optimised Bedtime Lighting

Most people know now that blue light is best avoided at bedtime because its alerting effect can make it difficult to fall asleep. So it makes sense to minimise blue light in your child's bedroom to help them settle at night.

Bedbug is a unique light for babies and children that combines low-blue LED technology with additional restful sleep features.

With all-purpose bedroom lighting, a soothing sunset and gentle night-light, Bedbug provides low-blue sleep-optimised lighting for the whole of their bedtime routine.

  • Fully adjustable bedside lighting
  • Low-blue light to avoid stimulation
  • 15-minute fading sunset
  • Fade-to-off or fade-to-nightlight
  • Non-alerting orange nightlight
  • Two options for nightlight brightness
  • Mixed LEDs mimic sunset colours
  • Smooth and silent light control
  • H10 x W16 x D10 cm / 400 g

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