Tea Towel by Libby Heaney

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You Could Lay It Out For A National Nitwit (2018) "Top notch Brexit commemoration merchandise for your home!" Original drawing printed on tea towel by artist Libby Heaney inspired by Grayson Perry’s tapestry ‘you could lay it out for a national picnic’ (2014). Heaney’s drawing contains common words people said to www.britbot.org chatbot around the subject of Brexit during 2018. Britbot was a project commissioned by Sky Arts Art 50 to explore what Britain looked and feeled like in 2018. People could visit www.britbot.org and have a surreal conversation with an algorithm about all things British. The chatbot would then learn from people it had spoken to, becoming a continuously evolving algorithmic representation of Britain during this critical period of history.

Libby Heaney is an artist and researcher with a background in quantum physics and is based at Somerset House Studios

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