Lard Pour Lard Fatberg T-Shirt


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FATBERG is a design research project focused on the construction of a floating island of fat – the FATBERG.

FATBERG is focused on the construction and growth of a floating island of fat. Fat performs a unique and vital function as an energy reserve, stored within the body for times of scarcity. And yet, from a western perspective, fat has lost this function. It is stored and stored some more, but rarely used for its original purpose. Fat simply is.

The iconic Lard Pour Lard t-shirt is now on sale. Screen-printed on premium quality 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton, our t-shirts are machine washable and available in size XL.

Thought Collider comprises the work of Mike Thompson and Susana Cámara Leret. Motivated by emergent nature cultures, their work focuses on the exploration of the meanings and values that can be derived from alternative ways of experiencing built and mediated environments. To this end, they conduct experiments and create processual artworks spanning various media, generating experiential insights from the anecdotal or absurd: lived experiences that confront the norm by countering the thing-like nature of organisms, objects and places. 

Thought Collider are a Somerset House Studios Resident

This product is also available to purchase in the Somerset House Shop, East Wing, Somerset House. 

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