Redemption Bar Alcohol-free Cocktails with Benefits


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Cocktail bars conjure up powerfully seductive images in our minds. For us women it goes something like this… We strut in wearing a sophisticated outfit in a waft of expensive perfume, slide onto a bar stool, and look a million dollars in the glamorous lighting. The handsome barman begins to mix our martini. A charming stranger starts to engage us in a sizzling conversation…

Before we get carried away, we should point out that we’ve drunk in some of the best bars in the world and, unfortunately, we have very rarely managed to pull off this particular scenario.

We love the energy these amazing spaces and parties can create, but why can’t you have that without the sugar and the alcohol? Many of us love a good knees-up, but why should socializing alwaysbe at the expense of your health? 

We at Redemption have put together some of our best drinks ideas into this book so that you can create something truly magical with no toxins and temptations. On top of that, we’ve given you a taster of our favourite canapés so you can create some scrumptious and sophisticated nibbles to serve alongside the drinks.

Customers of Redemption will spot some favourites from our restaurant bars in here, like apple mockjito, fro-co-rita and flu fighters which have been on the menu from the early days.  We’ve also designed some new drinks which we hope to put on the menu in the near future.  

Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself - at home!

128 pages 
Dimensions: 15.4 x 1.8 x 21.2 cm 

This product is available online and within our Somerset House Shop. 

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