Beano Exhibition Comic + Poster * Exclusive*


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The Beano x Somerset House Comic was created by Beano, directed by the Curator Andy Holden and edited by Somerset House.  The exclusive Beano Comic is a result quite a few creative minds working together.

This special edition, Beano comic has been created in the exact same format as the weekly Beano comic.  It is printed on the same paper with the same number of pages and same size (not hardcover). 

Inside, find the many exclusive Comic strips. It has a history of the various Beanos and a Comic with Dennis visiting the Beano exhibition at Somerset House.  It tells the story of what Dennis finds in the exhibition.


For both the Poster and the Comic, a limited amount was printed and will not be repeated.

The Beano Poster sets the scene and atmosphere of the exhibition.  The Poster was used in printed advertising space. One that many people will recognise from seeing it on billboards and bus stops.  It is a popular image but with limited editions.

Measurements: 50(W) x 70(H) cm 
Paper:  Munken Kristall Rough 170gsm

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