Writing as Therapy Journal - Inner Voices

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A hardback journal to help us to develop kinder, and more productive, inner voices.

We all have inner voices in our minds. They talk to us as we try to achieve things or deal with our lives. Sometimes they are kind (‘Go on, you can do it!’); sometimes they are punitive (‘It always goes wrong with you’). An inner voice is always an outer voice that we have made our own. 

Contentment with ourselves depends on assembling the right sort of inner voices – making sure that we can speak to ourselves in a tone that is constructive and kind. The ideal inner voice doesn’t pretend that everything we do is wonderful. Rather, it is like the voice of a good friend. Good friends recognise when we have done something unwise, but they are merciful, fair, accurate in understanding what’s going on and interested in helping us deal with our problems. It’s not that we should stop judging ourselves; the hope is that we can learn to be better judges of ourselves. Instead of promoting a self-flagellating and critical internal commentary, we should ensure that our private running conversation with ourselves is full of kindness, sympathy and warm humour.

A5 Linen bound notebook | 210 x 148 mm | 192 pages | 100grm Munken paper (acid free) with printed ruled lines.

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