Kniterate Blue Scarf

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Kniterate is an affordable and compact digital knitting machine for your workshop. It turns your digital designs into knitted garments automatically. We’ve simplified the process of designing and making knitwear. Allowing you to go from an idea for a scarf, a beanie, a sweater or a dress into a design ready to be made within a few minutes.

We love knitwear. It’s light and breathable, adapts to your body and unlike cut-and-sew, there is almost no waste, because the product is knitted to shape.

We started Kniterate because we wanted to democratize clothing manufacturing. We want you to be able to explore knitting’s potential and locally make personalized goods for your customers, your loved ones and of course, for yourself. Until now this was only possible with industrial knitting machines, which cost upwards of $50,000, take a lot of space and require a technician to operate. We have re-imagined this industrial technology to deliver it to your space.

We are bringing garment manufacturing back to your neighborhood.

Kniterate is an in house resident company here at Somerset House as part of Makerversity. 

This product is available online and within the Somerset House Shop. 

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